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Belted Cow

Belted Cow Beer Pong Belt

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Beer Pong Leather Tab Belt From family gatherings to bachelor parties and colleges across this nation, you can bet your hops that someone, somewhere, is playing in a Beer Pong Tournament. Known to the highbrow connoisseur by its birth name, “Beruit,” Beer Pong is like pizza—good no matter how you slice it. The only question is, how do you play Beer Pong? Do you fancy yourself more a traditionalist who insists on using ping pong paddles, or are you a contemporary who reins down well-aimed hand tosses? What about technique—do you fire off a laser, or toss an arching lob? No matter how you play, there is one rule you need to learn. Fast. Sink the other team's cups first, or your aim will keep getting worse and worse. How's it made? Each Belted Cow Ribbon Belt has an artist-designed signature ribbon stitched onto 100% cotton webbing and fully stitched leather tabs cut from full grain Latigo leather. We finish each leather tab belt with solid cast brass buckles in a brushed silver or Old English brass finish. Proudly Made in the USA.
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